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Traveling with Braces?

Winter and spring breaks are right around the corner for many schools! With these opportunities, many patients and their families love to get away. Planning to travel when you have braces takes a bit more preparation. Emergency care may not be as readily available, so you'll want to exercise caution with your appliances. Here are some tips to make traveling with braces, easier:

  1. Make sure you have a check-up 1-2 weeks prior to leaving. If you won't be gone for long and have another appointment scheduled upon your return, you're probably fine to go! But if you're wondering what is best for your course of treatment, call or text us today for guidance.

  2. Pack the basic supplies:

    1. Toothbrush/paste

    2. Mouthwash

    3. Floss

    4. Wax

    5. Painkillers

    6. Tweezers and nail-clippers should you encounter a poking wire or issue with a bracket

    7. Rubber bands

  3. Be sure NOT to check your supply kit in your luggage if you're flying. Keep it in your carry-on in the case your luggage is lost or damaged in transit.

  4. Research an emergency orthodontist at your destination should you need one. If you have an injury to your mouth or face on your vacation, be sure to schedule with our office once you're back.

  5. Avoid sticky, chewy and hard foods.

Other questions? Call or text us today at 530-885-8331.

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