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Fun Facts About The Tongue

The tongue helps us to talk, taste and eat, but there's so much more to know!

  1. Males generally have longer tongues than females.

  2. The average length of the tongue is 3-4 inches.

  3. Food will taste like nothing until it's moistened by the tongue.

  4. Brushing the tongue does not actually help bad breath! Per the ADA, bacteria rejuvenates too quickly. However keeping your tongue clean contributes to better overall oral hygiene.

  5. The tongue is an indicator of health. A pink tongue is a healthy tongue. One that is yellow may indicate stomach problems, and a white tongue might mean a fungal infection is present.

  6. The tongue has over 2,000 taste-buds. But each section of the tongue recognizes a different sensation - salty, sweet, sour, etc.

  7. Taste-buds have a life-span. If you happen to burn your tongue, don't worry: within two weeks those taste-buds will rejuvenate themselves.

  8. Taste-buds help us survive! As infants we learn to like and swallow sweet foods, associating those as being safe to eat. Bitter frequently signals something we don't like, and perhaps shouldn't eat.

  9. Tongue piercings can be dangerous: These piercings can get infected, infections can swell cutting off the air supply. If these piercings become loose they can become a choking hazard, and can even chip teeth!

  10. Everyone's tongue is unique like a fingerprint!

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