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The Legacy of Ulrich Orthodontics

Did you know Ulrich Orthodontics has been in practice for almost 50 years? 2024 is Dr. Bruce's 50th year practicing in Auburn!

In 1974, Ulrich Orthodontics started just down the street from our current location, when Dr. Bruce joined another Orthodontist. In 1976, he started his own full-time practice, and became a staple name in the Auburn community. In 2001, he custom built the current practice building in order to better accommodate the growing team, and the needs of our many patients.

In 2012 Dr. Beau moved back to Auburn after finishing his Orthodontic residency in the bay area - to join his father in practice. He grew up with a love of Orthodontics, and enjoyed the summers of his youth volunteering at the office along-side the team. His love of serving others was most apparent in his volunteer dental work with under-served communities in the San Francisco area, and dental mission work in small towns in Peru.

With both doctors dedicated to serving their own community and those surrounding, they have built a name for themselves as not only the longest running practice in the Auburn area, but they are truly one of the only private practices left, and have no intention of ever selling to corporate entities. They stand by their legacy for personalized, honest, quality care, always making the experience our patients receive a top priority. They are able to do so by having committed to only one office location, making them both available daily to see each patient. Every prospective patient that walks through the office doors not only meets, but has an opportunity to have an honest discussion with Dr. Beau about treatment options.

At Ulrich Orthodontics we pride ourselves on the highest quality appliances, technology and treatment, and extraordinary patient experience.

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