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Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Orthodontist

Selecting the right orthodontist can be quite the task. As a potential patient, you receive a lot of information in consultations. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right practice for your treatment:

  1. First and foremost, reputation! Is this practice one people are recommending? Have you heard good things about them?

  2. What education does the doctor - or doctors have? Make sure to select an Orthodontist for your treatment as they are trained via years of specialized education to conquer teeth and jaw movement, bite issues, etc. You would only trust a cardiologist to handle your heart issues, right? Specialists are experts in their field.

  3. In your consultation, did they address the long term results?

  4. Did you talk with the doctor(s) to see if they are a personality fit for you and your treatment? Some offices don't have you meet the doctors until you begin treatment.

  5. Is the location convenient for you? You see the orthodontist usually every 6-8 weeks during treatment, so you will want to find a location that works well for frequent appointments.

  6. Did the consultation answer all your questions? What type of braces/treatment are you looking for? Is there work that needs to be done prior to starting? Do teeth need to be removed? Are there periodontal issues that need clearance before treatment can start?

  7. Is the office friendly? Because you will be seeing the team often, make sure it's comfortable to interact with the staff. Ask yourself, did the team seem rushed? Personable? Cold? Welcoming?

  8. How was the office environment? Was it clean? Was the waiting room comfortable and not over-full?

  9. Does the office offer various types of treatment so you have options?

  10. What does the cost of treatment include? This is important! Will you be charged for missed appointments? Is your retainer included in the cost? Is there a charge for emergency appointments? And lastly, is the consultation complimentary? Ulrich Ortho consultations are always complimentary. And they are all the way up until treatment begins.

If you'd like to meet our amazing team, call for your complimentary orthodontic consultation today! 530-885-8331.

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