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The Do's and Don'ts of Eating with Braces

Many people are apprehensive about getting braces for a variety of reasons, but one of the most popular concerns is foods that need to be eliminated to keep broken appliances to a minimum. The good news is: braces are stronger than ever! The bad news is: there are still some foods to avoid. Our Orthodontists provide all our new-start patients with a list of foods we prefer patients stay away from. But, if you're considering orthodontics and want a heads-up before making that initial appointment, here is a list of those items that can compromise the strength of your brackets and wires:

-Gum! Still a big no-no! (It's not even fun to chew with braces, sticks to everything!)

-Sticky stuff like: caramels, toffee, Laffy Taffy, Now & Laters, Star Bursts and licorice, etc. If it's hard to chew without braces, that's a good sign it's probably not a good idea once they're on your teeth.

-Hard foods and those you have to work to eat like: Whole apples (sliced are fine!), carrots (cut them up!), corn-on-the-cob, chewing ice, popcorn and jerky.

-Too much sugar which is hard to brush out, and can compromise enamel. (Especially soda, sports drinks, teas and coffees).

Any questions about certain foods or drinks? Give our office a call. Interested in a complimentary consultation to discuss your orthodontic needs? Please call us at 530-885-8331.

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