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Show Your Smile Some Love on Valentine's Day!

A bright, healthy smile is definitely something we all want when celebrating Valentine's Day!

Here are some helpful tips to help keep your Valentine's Day kissable:

1. Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Milk chocolate has more milk and sugar, both which can contribute to tooth decay (and bad breath.)

2. Skip drinks full of sugar, which can bind to teeth and be harder to remove if you don't brush soon after consuming. Instead, drink water! Water helps flush away bacteria and odor causing particles.

3. Alcohol can cause dry mouth, which can contribute to less than kissable breath. Drinks like red wine can stain teeth too!

4. Choose sugar free gums and mints.

5. Avoid sticky or chewy candy. These items can be hard to brush out, and can damage braces!

We wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day! Please feel free to call our office at 530-885-8331 with any questions.

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