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Is it safe to visit?

As so much is reopening, but cases of COVID-19 are on the rise, is it safe to visit your Dentist? Doctor? Orthodontist? While appointments SHOULD look different at these offices if recommended protocols are being followed, not all offices are following these guidelines. At Ulrich Orthodontics, we have had sanitation and disease prevention as a first priority prior to the pandemic, so you can be assured we are doing everything we possibly can to protect our patients, team and doctors. The following are the guidelines we are adhering to that most other practices are enforcing as well:

Waiting Room:

Everyone who comes into our office steps foot into this room. We have a strict office policy to disinfect our waiting room including chairs, door handles and counters in between EVERY patient as appointments are staggered to enhance social distancing. All magazines and children's books have been removed, as have the coffee bar supplies. We screen each and every patient who comes in with a list of questions, a temperature check and a mask requirement. We have asked that NO companions accompany patients to an appointment unless absolutely mandatory, and if someone should join the patient, they will be screened and required to wear a mask. Yes, we want to protect our patients, but protecting our team is vital as well to keep our doors open to best serve those in our practice.

Restroom/Brushing Area:

Our patient restroom and brushing area are closed until further notice. Because of the possibility of contamination through bodily fluids, it's best if patients brush their teeth and use the restroom prior to coming in.

Consultation/Recall Room:

As before the pandemic, appointments in this room are not booked back-to-back so that we may thoroughly disinfect all surfaces in this room as this type of appointment is one that we encourage a parent or responsible party to attend if applicable.

Rotunda/Laser Bay Treatment Areas:

Our staff attending to patients in these areas wears the recommended PPE. Dr. Beau has also installed a high-tech hepa vac system to help keep the air around the stations clean. Patients are staggered to not be receiving treatment at the same time as another patient, and each station is thoroughly disinfected prior to inviting the next patient back.

Just a few friendly reminders to follow whether you're coming to our office, or another:

  1. If you're feeling unwell or know you've been exposed to someone else who is, always reschedule. It's not worth taking the risk not knowing who you may expose. We would all hate to the be the person who gets someone else sick!

  2. We ask that patients call to let us know they're here before coming in, and not to arrive early or late to appointments so we can keep the social distancing at a staggered level. Be sure to ask wherever you have an appointment what their policy is.

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