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How to Get the Best Results From Your Orthodontic Treatment!

Braces and aligners can be a mixed bag. Some patients are beyond excited for treatment, and others dread the thought. If you stay motivated, keep your eye on the prize and know it's all worth it in the end, the results are priceless and you will never regret having gone through treatment. Regardless of your thoughts on whether or not you love having braces and aligners, there are some helpful tips to keep your treatment moving along smoothly and on time, leading to the best results!

  1. Your diet: Damaged and/or broken appliances can prolong treatment, and make you uncomfortable. By keeping your diet in check with the instructions given to you at the beginning of treatment, you should have no issues. These instructions involve avoiding gum, and other sticky and gooey foods like toffee, caramel, etc. Included in the list of possible offenders are crunchy, hard foods like chips, nuts and candy, like Jolly Ranchers.

2. Food prep is equally as important as the types of foods you eat with appliances.

Having to tear bites off or bite into something can also damage and breakage. It's

important to make sure if you're not eating soft foods, to cut bites into small


3. Keep your teeth and appliances clean. Whether you have braces or aligners, be

sure to keep your teeth brushed regularly.

4. Visit your dentist for regular cleanings. Be sure to keep a normal schedule (at

least every six months), and let us know if we can help by removing a wire prior to

the appointment.

5. Once treatment is complete, wear that retainer to keep that gorgeous smile in


Any questions, let us know! We're always happy to help our patients succeed with their goals of a healthy, beautiful smile!

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