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Getting to see our doctors

Each orthodontic case is so different from the next, and each deserves the customized attention from an orthodontist, a doctor of dentistry specially trained to prevent, diagnose and treat irregularities in the teeth and jaws.

Orthodontists attend 3-4 years of college, 3-4 years of dental school and 3-4 years of orthodontic school in addition to a residency.

At Ulrich Orthodontics, we believe in each of our patients being seen and diagnosed by a doctor during a patient's initial complimentary consultation, giving each patient the customized orthodontic plan and attention they deserve. Unfortunately these days many offices allow an assistant or financial coordinator set up the treatment plan at a consultation. This places each patient into the same category as the next and the patient begins treatment without ever seeing their doctor. Our doctors follow each of our patients every step of the way through their treatment, it's our customer service guarantee!

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