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Are All Mouthwashes The Same?

Are all mouthwashes the same? The short answer is NO. Check out the different types of mouthwashes below:

1. Fluoride: Mouthwashes containing Fluoride help protect teeth from decay and cavities. However, too much can harm the teeth. For many of us, our water contains Fluoride as does our toothpaste. So a mouthwash with this ingredient may not be necessary.

2. Antiseptic: These types of mouthwash frequently contain alcohol which prevents plaque, gum disease, kills bacteria, prevents infections and fights bad breath. This is the most commonly used type of mouthwash, available by many brands - and are shown to be very effective. The downside of an antiseptic mouth rinse is that overuse can stain teeth. Additionally, as with any product with alcohol, this can dry out the area where it is used. If you suffer from dry mouth, this type of rinse can actually promote bacteria growth and bad breath.

3. Natural: Natural mouthwashes can help to rinse bacteria away and freshen breath. These products frequently do not conain alcohol, so are considered safer, but not as effective.

4. Cosmetic: Cosmetic rinses do not promote oral health. They simply only freshen breath.

Regardless of what type of rinse you choose, mouthwash does not take the place of brushing and flossing. Be sure to keep up with those good habits!

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Orthodontic treatment, please call or text our office at 530-885-8331.

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