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10 Facts About Ulrich Orthodontics. Did you know?

1. Ulrich Orthodontics is the longest running Orthodontic practice in Auburn. Dr. Bruce has been in practice for over 40 years, and Dr. Beau has been in practice since 2013. This makes for a long-standing, positive reputation in the Auburn and surrounding communities!

2. Both doctors live in the community where they work, and so does the team!

3. Each and any time you visit Ulrich Orthodontics, you will get to see YOUR Orthodontist. Our doctors are one of the few offices left that make sure you consistently see your doctor.

4. Our consultations are free of charge. And once you're on our recall schedule, so are those appointments!

5. No hidden fees. We give you the entire cost up front through the retention phase. No hidden fees for broken appliances, emergency visits or missed appointments. We are always up front and honest. We are able to bill most insurance plans as well! Plus we offer no-interest, in-house financing with convenient, monthly payment plans.

6. We do BOTH contemporary metal braces AND clear aligners! (Invisalign) Just ask us how to get started!

7. Ulrich Orthodontics loves and supports the Auburn Community! Because all of our staff is local, we love giving back to this amazing community! We participate in and sponsor a number of community events throughout the year, in addition to hosting various drives through our office to benefit the community.

8. We pride ourselves on customer service, and always have. Our team and doctors will always take the time to talk with our patients and their families. We provide a no-pressure, comfortable atmosphere for all of our patients and prospective patients.

9. Even though it is recommended children see an orthodontist for the first time around age 7, it is the rare occasion our office would actually start a child in braces at this age. Most children are still growing, losing baby teeth and their bite is developing. We instead choose to track the development happening within the mouth and start a child in braces once the entire treatment can be contained in one phase, rather than two, saving you money and time!

10. If you have any questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. Call our office at 530.885.8331 or email us at

All this being said, if you or someone you know may be looking for the right fit for an orthodontist, we hope you'll refer them our way today!

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