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What To Know About Braces...

Of course we all know the main purpose of getting braces is to straighten teeth into a beautiful, healthy smile. But, having braces is a lifestyle change - in a great way! Below we've provided some helpful tips for the stages of before braces, during and preparing for them to come off!

What to know before getting braces:

  • Having a mouth full of appliances isn't the only change a patient experiences when getting braces. Braces can temporarily change the way you talk or form words because of how your lips rest on the brackets versus how they use to rest on your teeth.

  • Chapstick will be your best friend! Keeping your lips hydrated will help prevent splitting and discomfort.

  • Flossing will have to change! At Ulrich Ortho, we provide our patients with special flossers to help remove any food trapped around the brackets and under the wires.

  • Don't bother with teeth whitening before getting your braces. This is likely something you will want to do once the braces are removed as discoloration can happen.

  • Be sure to eat the things you'll have to take a break from while having braces: chips, hard breads, popcorn, hard and chewy candy and whole apples.

  • You might be sore for the first few days after the braces are placed on the teeth. It is absolutely okay to take a pain reducer, and soft foods are a must!

What to know about having braces:

  • Keep a travel care kit with you. Include flossers, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Braces do make tidy eating a bit more challenging as food can, and will get stuck.

  • Be sure to ask us for wax. This helps as your lips and cheeks are adjusting to the new appliances.

  • You will see your teeth move quickly at first! This is one of the great benefits of braces. You see the results quickly! But to get things just right takes the projected treatment time.

  • It's important to get your appointments booked immediately. The more reliably we can see each patient, the better we can make sure the braces can come off as close to the projected treatment time.

How to prepare for getting your braces off:

  • This is the exciting part for a lot of patients! Although many grow to actually enjoy having braces, most are ready for them to be removed when it's time.

  • Before your debond appointment, good hygiene is a must. The cleaner your teeth are, the easier our job is, and the more excited you will be with your results.

  • Braces take up to an hour to remove. We know how excited our patients get to see the final results, but it's worth the wait!

  • Removal of the appliances can be slightly uncomfortable. Patients may feel some pressure or tension on the brackets, and hear popping sounds as they're removed.

  • Your teeth may feel slimy and strange at first, this only lasts until you are use to your beautiful new smile!

  • Wear your retainer! Your teeth need time to "learn" to stay in place. The retainer provides a gentle reminder that although the braces aren't keeping them in place, this position is their new home and they should stay there.

If you or a loved one may be ready to take the leap for a new smile, call us today for a complimentary consultation!

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