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What Are you Grateful for?

As the holidays are upon us, so is this pandemic. 2020 has been a long year, full of lots of ups and downs for so many. In spite of this roller coaster of news we get on a daily basis, we have found there is still so much to be grateful for. Here is our top 5 list from our team at Ulrich Orthodontics:

  1. More time with family (and pets!) - with kids home from school or doing a hybrid schedule, there is more family communication, movie nights and bonding time.

  2. New or rediscovered hobbies - some have taken up music, or picked it back up, some have honed new baking skills, some have cleaned out and reorganized their homes!

  3. The ability to say "no" - because of social distancing and health concerns, saying "yes" to certain obligations use to come with a lot of personal pressure. But now, it's okay and perfectly acceptable to say "no," or "let's wait a few weeks."

  4. With less to do, more time exploring and appreciating the great outdoors! Some have been camping, hiking more, bike-riding, and just getting outside.

  5. The ability to slow down - life is so chaotic on a daily basis. In some ways, the pandemic has forced us to slow down, and take more time for things we may once have not been able to, even the simplest tasks.

It's easy to focus on the negatives of 2020, especially as a new year is just around the corner. But positivity gets you a long way!

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