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Orthodontic Myths of 2021!

There are many myths that swirl around the world of Orthodontics and braces, especially with so many new technologies and services offered. We've got the answers!

  1. Orthodontics is only for kids: FALSE - Orthodontics are for ALL ages. There are many reasons that numerous adults choose orthodontics later in life, especially those who have seen the amazing results their own family has experienced. As for children, the AAO recommends your child see an orthodontist around the age of 7 to help treat problems early, prior to braces while the teeth and jaw are still growing.

  2. Orthodontics is expensive: TRUE AND FALSE - This depends on the office you select for your treatment. At Ulrich Orthodontics, we will give you the full cost up front at your complimentary consultation. We also offer no-interest, in-house financing, and can bill most insurance plans. Our initial fee includes all appointments, broken appliances, first set of retainers and the retention phase. You are our patient for life!

  3. All doctors who provide Orthodontics are Orthodontists: FALSE - Some general dentists and companies may offer orthodontic equipment, however they lack the training of an orthodontist. Some dentists take professional development courses to learn how to use some of the appliances, but they do not have the training of an orthodontist, who is a specialist in their field.

  4. Braces are purely cosmetic: FALSE - Braces will give you that beautiful, straight smile. However, orthodontics is mainly concerned with proper tooth alignment to prevent the bite from becoming painful or worn. Orthodontics can also help protect the jaw from future problems. Additionally, orthodontics have a heart health benefit! Straight teeth allow for better hygiene, which protects from heart disease.

  5. Office visits are unnecessary: FALSE - This myth in particular has become a big question in orthodontic offices. With so many at home, DIY aligner options, the consumer isn't sure what to think. These services are extremely risky. It is imperative that an individual be evaluated by a person trained in orthodontics and receive a customized treatment plan. No two mouths are exactly alike. Office visits help to keep treatment on track, and to monitor the health of the teeth, gums and jaws. Problems are fixed quickly. Although new in-office technology and high-quality appliances make office visits less frequent, it is still necessary to be overseen by an Orthodontist. And in the end, it actually saves you money. You won't have to visit an Orthodontist later to account for the problems left behind by the at-home aligner system.

If you think Orthodontics may be a fit for you or a family member, please feel free to call or email us today!

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