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How to Care for Your Braces During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It's challenging for both doctors and patients during a pandemic. Patients are unable to be seen for their regular appointments. Doctors can't have their offices open to field in-person questions and concerns. Fortunately, our doctor is available at all times to help patients with questions and emergencies. There are however, ways to mitigate problems with your braces at home by keeping up with general maintenance. Here are some tips the California Association of Orthodontists has provided to help out:

1. Brush at least two-times per day. We all should already be doing this right? We know every now and then we skip a brushing here and there, but now it is more important than ever not to.

2. Avoid sugar, sugary drinks and sticky foods. Again, items we already try to avoid with braces, but it's a great idea to brush and floss if you do consume these items to keep your teeth and braces extra clean. Sugary residue left on teeth and appliances only causes problems.

3. Avoid unfriendly bracket foods: Now more than every, please don't chew ice, eat popcorn, snack on sunflower seeds or sticky foods. These items might cause a bracket to pop off, or a wire to start poking.

4. Call our doctor with any questions. Dr. Beau is available for video chats, as well as texting to address many problems. At this time we are only seeing emergency patients in the office in order to protect the health and safety of anyone who steps in the door.

We hope everyone is safe and healthy during this challenging time! We hope to provide office reopening updates in the coming weeks! Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding!

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