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Support Placer SPCA with us!

For those interested, we are still collecting items for the Placer SPCA! We've extended our deadline for donations to May 15th! Eligible items include, but are not limited to...

If you’re looking for what kinds of items you can contribute, here are some ideas:

📷 Cat or dog food

📷 Animal beds and blankets

📷 Cat or dog toys

📷 Water and food bowls

📷 Leashes

📷 Pet combs

📷 Litter boxes

📷 Cat litter

📷 Dog and cat collars

📷 Harnesses

📷 Pet brushes

📷 Dog and cat treats

📷 Towels

📷 Newspaper

📷 Disposable pet pads

📷 Shelter staff supplies: sponges, rubber gloves, laundry detergent,

bleach, paper-towels, cleaner, hand-soap

Your family will receive one entry per item donated to our raffle! The lucky recipient will receive a family 4-pack of tickets to Folsom SeaQuest Aquarium AND a $50 Red Robin Gift card! A day of fun at the Palladio, courtesy of Ulrich Orthodontics!!!

Just a few of the cuties who have stopped by to make this event extra special!

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