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How to Cope with Orthodontic Anxiety

Fear of going to the dentist is such a real thing, it has an name. It's called "Odontophobia." This fear was created by negative portrayals of dental offices on television and movies, and those who only visit a dental professional when they're in pain. In reality, regular check-ups at the dentist and orthodontist are actually painless. But until someone has had a positive experience, it's typical to have apprehension. Anxiety about getting braces is actually a normal occurrence for both children and adults. It's the unknown! There are some tried and true tips to help patients feel more confident about their visits, and those first few appointments:

  1. Ask questions: Our doctors and team are happy to answer any and every question our patients have.

  2. Identify what has your child, or you most concerned. Be sure to share this with the orthodontist. The concern will always be addressed and our team will go through the process of putting this concern at ease.

  3. Build excitement for getting braces by stocking up on favorite soft foods! For the first few days the teeth might be a little sore from the new appliances. This is a time to enjoy your favorite soft treats.

  4. Acknowledge the pay-off: Getting braces has life-long benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile.

  5. Braces are part of maintaining your physical health: It has been proven that a straight smile leads to better hygiene as it allows for the teeth and gums to be cleaned more thoroughly on a daily basis. By maintaining healthy hygiene, you are helping to decrease your risk of a stroke, heart-disease or diabetes.

  6. Practice relaxation and breathing techniques prior to your appointment.

  7. Ask your friends! If you or your child is anxious, ask what a friend's favorite part of having braces is/was. This helps give a specific reason to look forward to treatment.

  8. Always let us know how we can help!

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